For almost 10 years, Jay led Brighton Corporation's development department by coordinating and managing the infrastructure for all of our communities. Among those are some of the valley's marquis projects such as:

The Marianne Williams Park and Barber Station along the Boise River.

Paramount, the Treasure Valley's largest, most comprehensive mixed use community.

SpurWing Greens, Ashbury, River Heights, Mill District Square, Messina Meadows, and many more.

This involved working with a number of internal staff, government agencies, and external contractors. Jay has an outgoing personality and enjoys working with people. He possesses a very strong work ethic and isn't afraid to get his hands dirty - whatever it takes to get the job done.

- David W. Turnbulln (CEO), Brighton Corporation 

I had the privilege of working with Jay Walker for nearly 7 years. He is a fiercely loyal, dedicated and hardworking individual.He is good at juggling many different things at the same time and determined in his efforts to meet deadlines and complete the task at hand. Jay is a fine individual.

   - Blake Alder (CEO), Brighton Corporation 

I have had the pleasure of working with Jay Walker for 10 years. As development project manager/director at Brighton Corporation, he was entrusted with a great deal of responsibility. He has been instrumental in the planning, progress and success of most of our largest projects to date, often admirably managing challenging situations at times of explosive demand and growth. I have observed his professional skills as well as interpersonal style. He is consistently pleasant and always has a positive attitude.

  - Becky Hanks (Management and Development), Brighton Corporation 

Jay did amazing work while here. He remained steady in all the chaos, and those taking over have large shoes to fill.

  - Ann Marie Baird (Property Manager), Brighton Corporation 

We have been working with Jay Walker for well over a decade. You will not find a man who is more personable, pleasant to work with, positive in his disposition, or more capable in his field. He has demonstrated time and time again his ability to organize and execute a project and bring it in faster than his contemporaries. He has a firm grasp on what it takes to bring a project out of the ground. I rank his abilities in the 98th percentile for those in his class.

  - Michael Johnson (Field Manager),Alloway Electric Inc. 

I always enjoy working with Jay Walker, his attention to detail and precise scheduling throughout all phases of construction provide a valuable advantage to clients and contractors. Jay is at the "Top" of his field and has continued to be a long standing client of Alloway Electric. I would highly recommend AllTerra Consulting on any project; you won't be disappointed.

  - Miles Elletson (Owner), Alloway Electric Inc. 

Over the past ten years, I have genuinely appreciated Jay Walker's positive attitude and sincere enthusiasm for each project with which I have been associated. He is a leader with common sense and practical solutions to problems, who knows the value of surrounding himself with a good team. I have no doubt that Jay's drive and determination will continue to yield successful projects and relationships for many years to come.

- Dean Hastriter (Owner), Hastriter Construction.