Mr. Walker spent 15 years at  Idaho's largest diversified real estate developer company and 9 previous years in the engineering private consultant field. Said private engineering consultant experience consisted of transportation planning, traffic operations, and geometric design. He holds undergraduate degrees in electrical and civil & environmental engineering. His graduate degree is in civil engineering with an emphasis in transportation planning and traffic engineering. While working towards a graduate degree, Jay was able to obtain a minor in business administration. Jay remains an active member of ITE (Institute of Transportation Engineers) and ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers). He is actively involved with the local BCASWI Developers Council and other agency focus transportation and planning boards.

With Mr. Walker's previous experience and training, he fits well into full development management. He takes the initial steps with bare ground and moves development through conceptual planning to infrastructure construction until building lots are prepared for vertical construction – residential, commercially, or industrially. Because of his planning background, Jay has also been involved in architectural efforts, both landscape and monument/park development.

In past and current projects, Mr. Walker has played a management roll in some of the most beautiful projects in the valley. Uniquely, because of his engineering background, Jay has pioneered cooperative development efforts with local City and County agencies to maximize resources and efforts. It has been proven that private developer involvement on capital improvement projects can save up to 50% of the overall project costs while reducing construction duration by almost 50%. It is a win-win for both agency and developer as we meet demands of the growing communities.

The ATC Team works shoulder-to-shoulder with the best in the Valley! Compass Land Surveying, Rock Solid Civil, and a team of Project Managers. 

Jay and AllTerra Consulting services are excited to serve your development needs.